Whiskey Barrel Aged Teas

Nothing warms you up in the wintertime quite like a cup of hot tea, at least when a pull of bourbon whiskey isn’t an option. And there’s really no better way to enjoy both than to combine the two. At least that’s the philosophy behind these barrel-aged teas from Steven Smith Teamaker.

Founded in 2009 by the co-founder of Stash in 1972 and Tazo in 1994, Steven Smith Teamaker was begun and now posthumously named after the famed Steven Smith himself. These two offerings are a couple of their more unique blends, one of which – Varietal No. 628 – is a full leaf black tea smoked with pine needles and scented in Westward Whiskey barrels for an aroma and profile like no other. The other – Varietal No. 302 – aged in apple brandy barrels from Stone Barn Brandyworks, is a roasted yaupon tea made from the naturally caffeinated North American plant. We’ll drink to that. Available now for $40 each. [Purchase]

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