Northern Lights Whiskey & Tobacco Candle

Few things emanate comfort like the smell of whiskey and tobacco. It’s what we imagine how the old west saloons might have smelled, or even a mid-century cigar lounge. Whatever the case, whiskey and tobacco pair quite well together, alluding to a strictly American pastime of backcountry distillation and home-grown tobacco. Now, you can have it all in the form of a scented candle.

Forget about traditional floral scents, the Northern Lights Whiskey and Tobacco is the only candle you’ll need to get your home on the range smelling the way it should. They serve as a tribute to craft cocktails, featuring what Northern Lights calls “snappy snippets,” ranging from alcoholic factoids to sheer wit, on the back of each jar. The five-ounce candle also comes with a large natural cork to keep it covered when not in use, and it boasts a nice slow burn for a total of 35 hours. Not a bad addition to the home bar. Available now for $14. [Purchase]

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