Honda NC750S Riding Assist Motorcycle

Looks like Honda is trying to cater to novice motorcycle riders with the release of their new Riding Assist Motorcycle. Those with short term memory loss appear to be in this lot as well, seeing how the self-balancing bike even follows you around at a walking pace like the family pet. What’s not to like?

Aptly named the Riding Assist Motorcycle, it’s all based off a Honda NC750S that uses the automotive company’s self-balancing technology to remain upright at all times. The balancing act is accomplished by the bike turning it’s front wheel ever so slightly, like we all did when we were kids on our bicycle, albeit with more finesse. Also, the automatic transmission facilitates its ability to follow you around when not riding the thing. Pretty nifty if you ask us. The Honda motorcycle is part of their “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem for 2017 which also include an automated ride-sharing vehicle, a universal driver communication tool, and a personal mobility device. We’ll just have to wait and see if any of these prototypes hit the consumer market in the coming year.

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