Christini II-Track AWD Snow Bike

Just in time for the darkest and snowiest months of the year, Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles is releasing their II-Track Snow Bike suited for anything from military operations in the Arctic Circle to simple recreation in a snow covered field. Basically, it’s a crossover between a snowmobile and a motorcycle, hosting the ability to tackle even the highest drifts of snow with ease.

The II-Track utilizes a Christini AWD front track system that includes two power-providing snow tracks with one positioned between the front forks and the second located the rear of the bike. Also, what’s great about this system is its adaptability, enabling the user to make the necessary adjustments to successfully ride atop everything from packed snow to sand to even soft mud. It also hosts a swing arm comparable to that of a standard dirt bike and each buyer can choose from either a 450 stroke or 300 two stroke Christini AWD Motorcycle as their base model. Prices start at $8,400. [Purchase]

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