Project Utopia

Straight out of a sci-fi film this could very well be the solution to our growing population issues across the globe. It’s an entirely self-contained mini-city where hundreds of people could live situated over 100 meters above the ocean’s surface. It’s called Project Utopia, a conceptual island that’s both mobile and accommodating for permanent residents.

Utopia spans over 100 meters across and features over 11 decks. It’s practically a circular cruise liner in terms of volume. Project Utopia also hosts enough space for a retail district, movie theater, restaurant quarter, and nightlife including bars, nightclubs, and a casino. Residents and visitors alike can also take in views thanks to a 360-degree observatory deck 65 meters above the ocean’s surface. Best of all, engines mounted onto each of the four legs allow for this micro-nation to be mobile, treating residents to new views and locations over the course of their tenure.

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