Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike

Electric bikes have exploded in popularity recently. So it takes a lot for one to catch our eye nowadays. No longer is it enough simply to have a good design, a high speed, or a large battery capacity. No, we want to see things that are more clever. And Noordung has delivered that in spades with their Angel Electric Bike.

This bike features an ultralight electric motor with a range of more than 18 miles per charge. It’s also equipped with USB ports so you can charge your electronics on the go. It even has a feature that analyzes the air quality of your chosen route. But the coolest part of this bike is that its removable battery doubles as a fully-portable multifunctional boombox. By linking directly to your smart phone, this bike plays up to 100 hours of non-stop music. You’d better act quickly if you want one, however, as this pre-production run consists of only 15 handmade bikes at a price of $8,686 per unit. [Purchase]

Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bicycle 01

Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bicycle 02

Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bicycle 03

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