Devtac Ronin Tactical Ballistic Helmet

In case you ever thought you’d be in a position where your head was in jeopardy from .357 Sig or .44 Magnum rounds, then rest easy knowing the Devtac Ronin Kevlar Level IIIA Tactical Ballistic Helmet is here for your safety. Part Stormtrooper mask, part Ironman, this bulletproof helmet is quite literally bullet proof, and Devtac’s got the materials to prove it.

The mask is held together by neodymium N52 magnets that allow users to attach and remove the stock bulletproof cheek plates and install separate sights or optics that aren’t included with the original product. And if looking at this helmet makes you worry about fogged up eyewear, rest assured knowing the Devtac hosts a series of special vents and a built in fan, so whether you’re in a North Dakota winter or South Beach summer, the helmet will not fog. Each lens for the helmet was designed by an aerodynamic engineer for Suzuki and, of course, provide military-spec ballistic protection as well. They’re produced in batches at a time depending on buyer interest. Prices available upon request. [Purchase]



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