Kyboka Outdoor Cart

Watch out Radio Flyer, the Kyboka Evergreen Outdoor Cart is here to steal the spotlight. Perfect for all your gear that won’t fit in your backpack, or too awkwardly shaped to simply carry, this weather-proof cart ensures your belongings get to their final destination in one dry and protected piece.

In addition to the protective tub, each cart comes equipped with a sand strap to affix your longer gear on top and also folds down into a weatherproof storage bag. The tub volume, when expanded, equates to 135L, while the whole piece weighs in at 12.5kg, and can haul up to 50kg. It comes with quick release, double bearing outfitted wheels wrapped in off-road tires, and the handle rotates 360-degrees so maneuvering the cart over and around any obstacles is a simple task. To top it all off, the cart’s structure is made from anodized aluminum and the tub from a reinforced canvas tarpaulin. You can order one from Kyboka directly for $671. [Purchase]

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