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Increasingly over the past few years, bag makers have been building out compartments in their gym bags for athletic shoes. They’re not doing it for no reason, either. People who workout frequently find it incredibly frustrating to lug around a big pair of space-hogging and smelly kicks with them throughout the day. While luggage companies have found a fix, it is only just recently that someone has stepped up and re-designed the athletic shoe to make it much easier to take with you. Meet Skinners.

Not shoes in the traditional sense, yet not quite socks, Skinners are coated in a dual polymer waterproof plastic and feature an odor-resistant lycra infused upper that make them both comfortable and totally capable. Due to the fact these are so easy to store and are at the same time so grippy, they’re ideal to bring along on a backpacking trip and to be used as camp-shoes, or while at the yoga-studio or gym. For when you get them dirty – cleaning is easy, just throw them in the wash on the gentle cycle and they’ll be fresh as new. Skinners will be launching their Kickstarter soon, but until then you can inquire more on their site. [Purchase]

Skinners Atheltic Socks

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