DUU Motorcycles by CR&S

DUU Motorcycle are built by CR&S, an Italian boutique manufacturer that is known for producing high quality motorcycles. These bikes are certainly no exception, as they are built with sophisticated materials and have a stunning look to them.

There are many different bikes available in a handful of different configurations, and each one has an edgy, futuristic look to it. These bikes use a hand brushed stainless steel main backbone from/fuel tank and single side swing arm, and they’re designed to hold two passengers. They’re mainly power cruisers with striking visual personalities. They’re built around the biggest twin-cylinder engine in production today: the S&S X Wedge, which pushes out nearly 100 horsepower. Any minute now, we’re expecting this motorcycle to turn into a Transformer. It’s available now starting at $44,000. [Via]

DUU Motorcycle by CRS 2

DUU Motorcycle by CRS 3

DUU Motorcycle by CRS 4

DUU Motorcycle by CRS 5

DUU Motorcycle by CRS 6

DUU Motorcycle by CRS 7

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