Vintage Overland Trailer

Teardrop trailers seem to be everywhere these days. With their retro good looks, low price, and the ability to provide a nice camping experience without making you feel like you’re dragging along your whole home, teardrops strike a nice balance between roughing it and easy living. Even among these small miracles, the Vintage Overland Trailer stands tall. At just 600-700 pounds, it’s a phantom weight on huge, tough, tires and an off-road axle meant to be abused by the most serious campers around.

Made by hand in Grand Junction, CO – where tough camping is a way of life – out of a welded steel frame, anodized aluminum, and Baltic birch for the interior, every piece comes from local companies. The Overland is a rugged work of art made with artisanal care and attention just to be knocked around, pushed beyond the limit, and provide you with safe haven wherever you may roam. [Purchase]

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