Enko Running Shoes

For decades we’ve been hearing about supposed “breakthroughs” in athletic shoe technology. More often than not though, it’s just Madison Avenue hype. But when a running shoe looks as shockingly bizarre as Enko does, we pause a bit before writing it off.

The shoe’s patented sole seems more like something you’d see on a prosthetic leg, but the designers say it’s that sole plus the interchangeable shock absorbers that deliver unmatched comfort and energy propulsion. When your foot hits the ground, the springs absorb the energy and then send it right back to you as our heel lifts off the ground again. Each shoe is delivered to you with shock absorbers that are adapted to your weight, as this promises to make for an extremely comfortable outing on your joints. Enko’s also feature interchangeable studs in the front and a light and a breathable fabric upper. Look for them on Indiegogo starting February 1.

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