Handvas Poster Holder

Most people put all the thought into the actual poster, or piece of artwork they’re about to hang on the wall, with no thought leftover for the way they’re actually going to hang it. With Handvas, your method of hanging can be just as creative as the piece you’re putting on display.

Back in 2012, the team behind Handvas came up with this ingenious little set of hands to hold your art. Each set is made using “futuristic high quality” 3D printing, and comes in a polished finish for a look that is sure to turn a few heads. The idea gained its inspiration from the way designers hold up their own work. Seeing that each and every set of Handvas is made to order, expect to delivery on these to be just over a month. [Purchase]

Handvas Poster Holder 2

Handvas Poster Holder 3

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