The Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool

If, like me, you spent your Friday nights in college nursing a Zima — on the rocks, please — with your back up against the wall — of your dorm room — then the concept of ‘shotgunning’ a beer might be new to you. It’s basically cutting or¬†punching a hole in the side of the can, then chugging the hell out of it. You won’t see this performed on The View.¬†Yes, even with the addition of Jenny McCarthy.

The Beer Tusk ($10) promises to simplify the whole hole-creation portion of the proceedings and keep your darling digits away from any nasty knives or car keys while creating the perfect hole for ‘shotgunning.’ No spilling, no spraying.¬†Developed by Raging Mammoth, the Beer Tusk is manufactured in Phoenix and made from aluminum. It also works quite well as a bottle opener. Ya know, just in case anyone happens to unearth a bottle of Zima. [Kickstarter]

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