Once Upon A Zombie Dolls

The recently featured Zombie Disney Princesses print series still remains one of our favorite collections to date, and now that same concept of transforming princesses into zombies has been applied to this collection of dolls.

Forget happily ever after, these princesses were infected with the highly contagious virus that spread during the zombie apocalypse, and now roam the Earth as part of the undead army. There are 6 different princesses that have been transformed into zombies including Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderalla, and Snow White. Typically we don’t get too excited over dolls, but this “Once Upon A Zombie Dolls” series is an exception to the rule. Created by the team at WowWee, you can expect these to be a hot gift item for the holiday season. [Purchase]

Zombie Apocalypse Disney Princess Dolls 1

Zombie Apocalypse Disney Princess Dolls 2

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