BitLock Smartphone Controlled Bike Lock

You need a solid lock to keep your bike safe from thieves, but who needs any more keys on that cluttered key ring? BitLock fuses the old school bike lock with 21st century technology, using your smartphone to unlock the bicycle lock.

Now when you’ve reached your destination, just slap on the BitLock, and walk away. The proximity sensor will detect that you are more than 3 feet away, and automatically lock (you can also manually lock it with the touch of a button from the app). When you return, the lock will automatically unlock. The waterproof, cut-resistant steel constructed BitLock comes equipped with Advanced Encryption Standards to prevent hacking – but wait, there’s more. The BitLock app maps your ride, calories burned, GPS, and even includes the option to create private/public profiles and groups to run your own bike share system. You can grant and revoke permissions to users right from the app, using the GPS locater to find bikes in your area, within your group. You also don’t have to worry about charging the battery (comes with a 5-year life), and when it does get low, the app will alert you. Watch the video below and support this project on Kickstarter.

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