The Avengers 3D Wall Art Night Lights

Kids these days have things so much easier. When we were growing up, we had some lame plug-in night light in the hallway, and that thing definitely didn’t ease our minds from the monsters living in the closet. Give your kids the protection offered by Marvel’s finest collection of superheroes with these Avengers night lights.

The series features four of our favorite superheroes from the Avengers including Captain America represented by his shield, Thor represented by his hammer, Hulk represented by his fist, and take a wild guess what represents Iron Man – Iron Man himself of course. All four 3D wall art night lights will help your little one fall asleep faster at night, and can be purchased from Target’s online store.

The Avengers 3D Night Lights 2

The Avengers 3D Night Lights 3

The Avengers 3D Night Lights 4

The Avengers 3D Night Lights 5

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