NightSUP: LED Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand up paddle boarding has taken the world by storm, and it only seems that more and more people are adopting this popular water sport. With our busy schedules though, we find it a bit difficult to hit the open water before the sun sets, and that’s what the NightSUP was created for.

Just like the recently featured Nocqua SUP system, NightSUP is a stand up paddle board that has been outfitted with a LED lighting system. The high intensity LED light system is completely waterproof as it’s glassed in, and in clear water the system will illuminate anywhere from 30 to 40 feet around your board. Even if the water is a bit murky, the system is still good for about 16 to 20 feet of illumination. NightSUP boards are sold for around $1,900 with the technology built-in, but the team can also convert your current stand up paddleboard. The conversion kit takes the team of professionals about 8 hours to install, but if you already have a paddleboard you love, it might be worth taking that route. You can also customize the colors of the LED lights to your liking. Watch the NightSUP paddleboard in action below.

NightSUP 2

NightSUP 3

NightSUP 4

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