Tactical Brass Knuckles Knife by Tac Force

In what could be the ultimate self defense/survival weapon, the Tac Force TF-530BK tactical weapon is both a knife, and a set of brass knuckles in one.

Constructed from high quality steel paired with a teflon coated half serrated surgical blade, the knife comes equipped with a built-in spring for easy transitioning. There is also a small metal knob located at the base of the knife, which can be perfect for breaking windows in emergency situations. For added convenience, the folks at Tac Force have equipped the multi-tool weapon with a belt clip for easy transportation (not to mention it measures in at just 5 inches when it’s completely closed up). This thing has received solid reviews from purchasers, and at only 10 bucks on Amazon, it seems like a no-brainer. [Via]

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