Strikeloader: Battery Powered Paintball Backpack Loader

Paintball is not a sport that sees a ton of technology innovation, but Germany based product developer and inventor Heddies Andresen looks to change all that with the introduction of his Strikeloader, a battery powered paintball backpack loader that could really change the sport forever.

Imagine never having to find shelter to reload on the paintball battle field? That’s exactly what the Strikeloader looks to do. The shatterproof and waterproof backpack is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that will feed 1,200 paintballs from the backpack to the player’s gun through the flexible, spiral steel hose. Weighing in at only 6.4 pounds when empty, the Strikeloader is extremely portable, holds six times as much ammo as a regular loader, makes the gun more balanced (due to not needed a loader atop the gun), and on a full charge can fire off over 10,000 balls at a blazing rate of 42 balls per second. The pack has been rigorously tested, and was designed to prevent any ball jams or breaks. The design team is even working on an LCD screen for players to see how much game time is left, and how much ammo remains in their pack. Strikeloader is currently seeking funding on RocketHub, and is looking to hit the retail scene during February 2014 in your choice of black, olive or desert camouflage. Watch the video below.

Strikeloader 2

Strikeloader 3

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