Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charging Jumper Cables

Dead smartphone batteries can really put a damper on anyone’s day, and it’s even worse when you forgot your charger back at the house. Those are nothing but problems from the past with the Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable.

Acting like jumper cables for your smartphone, this device allows you to charge your battery using juice from your friend (or stranger’s) smartphone. Just plug the microUSB connectors into each smartphone, and watch your battery come back to life. Now there are a few catches. The first one being that your helpful companion has to have a “fuller battery” than you, and the second being that it currently only works on Android powered devices. Sorry iPhone users. ¬†Grab yours from the GS4u online store.

Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable 2

Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable 3

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