Solar Powered Katabatic Tent by Eddie Bauer

Once upon a time, people looked to camping trips as a way to escape all of the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. A way to disconnect with everything, technology included. These days though, things have changed, and the solar powered Katabatic tent is a prime example.

We certainly don’t have anything against technology poking its nose into the world of the great outdoors (as can be seen with our comprehensive camping gadgets collection). The Eddie Bauer company has teamed up with Goal Zero to outfit their Katabatic tent model with a triangular solar panel. Just let the panel soak up the sun’s rays all day, then by nightfall you will be able to charge all of your mobile gadgets thanks to the outlets found within the tent. The exact details are yet to be released this Eddie Bauer solar powered mobile shelter, but you can expect the price to start in the $500 ballpark. [Via]

Solar Powered Katabatic Tent 2

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