Trucker’s Friend Handy Rescue Tool


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Truckers Friend Handy RescueTool
Originally the Trucker’s Friend was designed specifically for individuals who spent most of their lives on the road, but they have quickly become popular with both survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

One quick glance at this multi-tool, and you know that it was made for toughness. Constructed right here in the U.S.A., the all purpose tool features a spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, lever, and the most notable tool – the massive curved axe. This thing was designed to chip away at ice, pry loose nails, and really anything you can think of. The Trucker’s Friend’s handle has been crafted from high strength fiberglass, while the power grip absorbs shocks wonderfully. Purchase yours from Amazon.

Truckers Friend Handy RescueTool 2

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