Stair-Rover 8 Wheeled Longboard

Stair-Rover 8 Wheeled Longboard

Skateboards have always been a popular way to get from point A to point B in urban environments. The problem has always been unless you’re able to Ollie that 15 stair, you have to pick up the board and walk down stairs, which can become quite inconvenient. The Stair-Rover solves this problem once and for all with their innovative skateboard design.

Created around the “dream to surf the city,” the United Kingdom based team behind the project designed the Stair-Rover from the ground up. This eight wheeled long board not only lets riders coast through the city streets, but also glide down a flight of stairs without ever having to get off the board. Check out the project on Kickstarter and view the video below.

Stair-Rover 8 Wheeled Longboard 2

Stair-Rover 8 Wheeled Longboard 3

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