Growler City Bicycle by Joey Ruiter

Growler City Bicycle by Joey Ruiter

It seems that with each passing day we encounter another ingenious innovation within the cycling sector, and today brings us the Growler City Bicycle showing that the trend is not slowing down.

Commuters who opt out of cars in favor of its 2 wheeled counterpart still need to do everyday errands, but now with less storage space. One such errand (although it can be a bit more recreational than most) is transporting beverages from point A to point B. Industrial designer Joey Ruiter decided to tackle this task head on with his Growler City Bike. The bike is equipped with meaty 29 inch tires, monarch springer front end, and a drink holder that will allow riders to transport a half gallon jug of beer. Of course you can also substitute the beer with milk (or any other beverage for that matter), but we prefer to think of this thing as an awesome setup for summer barbecues.

Growler City Bicycle 2

Growler City Bicycle 3

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