Game of Thrones White Walker Mask

Game of Thrones White Walker Mask

Season 3 of Game of Thrones is now in the books and (*spoiler alert*) even though Rob Stark and his mother were killed in the most brutal, heart wrenching episode to date, winter is still coming. The White Walkers will kill everything in their path as they march towards the Wall, and this White Walker mask is the perfect way to usher in season 4.

The three horn blast has sounded, and it’s no secret that the zombies the entire realm fears are on the way. Sure they haven’t been around in thousands of years, but that’s all starting to change. This mask is modeled after the White Walker Samwell Tarly killed with his Dragonglass Dagger. The realistic looking mask was designed by the talented team at Composite Effects, and can be purchased through their online store. [Via]

Game of Thrones White Walker Mask 2

Game of Thrones White Walker Mask 4

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