Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Of all the badass motorcycle helmets we’ve encountered in our day, not one has compared to the awesomeness of this Predator Motorcycle Helmet.

The design team at NLO MOTO have tapped the popularity of one of our favorite science fiction characters of all time, the trophy hunting extraterrestrial species known as the Predator. Unfortunately for all you riders out there, this thing is nothing more than a pretty face. The Predator helmet is not DOT approved, which means it can be used as nothing more than a trophy on the shelf. The details are immaculate, right down to the carbon dreadlocks spearheads and tri-laser scope. Constructed from durable fiberglass, carbon fiber and polycarbonate, the hyper realistic Predator helmet can be purchased for $780 from the NLO online store. [Via]

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