Batman Bat Symbol Coffee Table


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Batman Bat Symbol Coffee TableCustom crafted furniture is always a nice finishing touch to any home, and when it’s inspired by one of the biggest superheroes of all time, well that’s just a bonus.

Just north of us in Venice, California resides furniture and instrument builder Charles Lushear , the man that is responsible for these carved wood Batman Bat Symbol¬† Tables. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because his Bohemian Workshop is also responsible for one of the greatest pieces of furniture of all time in the fully functional NES controller coffee table we took a look at earlier in the year. Turns out that in addition to being a fan of Nintendo, Lushear is also a fan of DC Comics, although it’s not all that surprising.¬† The table is shaped to look just like Batman’s bat symbol and comes in three different options including black or walnut with hairpin legs, and walnut with an option for curved legs.

Batman Bat Symbol Coffee Table (2)

Batman Bat Symbol Coffee Table (1)

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