Automatic iPhone OBD Port (4)

Automatic iPhone OBD Port

As former Mercedes-Benz mechanics ourselves, we are very familiar with how on board diagnostic systems work on vehicles. Unfortunately we weren’t smart enough to come up with the concept of Automatic.

This ingenious little device has a lot of potential for drivers everywhere. Automatic allows you to see much of the same information your service mechanic sees with an OBD scanner, but in a much easier to understand format right on your iPhone. Why is this so important? Well many things, like gas mileage for starters, are effected by bad driving habits. Automatic looks to help with these things by connecting your smartphone to the vehicle’s OBD system via Bluetooth 4.0. The designers have used all the information from the vehicle’s computer to calculate a driving score that will display a ton of useful information including fuel consumption in MPG, how much you drive and where, remember where you parked, and even allow you to see what’s going on when your check engine light pops on.

For $70, this nifty little device will also call emergency services and text up to 3 predetermined phone numbers automatically in the unfortunate event that you get into an accident. Check out the Automatic on the company’s website.

Automatic iPhone OBD Port (3)

Automatic iPhone OBD Port (2)

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