Star Wars Hoth Wampa Rug


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Star Wars Hoth Wampa RugThe Hoth Wampa’s role in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back helped solidify the monster as pop culture icon in itself.

The classic scene sees Luke Skywalker suspended before summoning his lightsaber to cut himself free, and taking the arm right off the beast. The Star Wars Wampa Rug allows you showcase the beast from the caves of Hoth right in your own home. The rug is crafted from high quality synthetic fur equipped with vinyl claws, plush pillow head, and a non slip collectible. This isn’t some cheap knockoff either. This is an officially licensed Lucasfilm collectable for Star Wars fans. Purchase your own Wampa rug from Think Geek.

Star Wars Hoth Wampa Rug (2)

Star Wars Hoth Wampa Rug (1)