Space Invaders Chess Set (3)

Space Invaders Chess Set

Space Invaders is one of those games that many of us grew up playing as kids. So anytime we come across gadgetry that takes inspiration from the classic game, we can’t help but let our nostalgia overwhelm us with feelings of joy and happiness.

These Space Invaders Chess Set is the perfect example of what we are talking about. Beautifully crafted from the 32 invader playing pieces right down to the laser etched black game board, this thing is truly amazing. The chess set was designed by the team at Michigan’s NMI Laser, and sees the Space Invaders characters as either pink or green fluorescent acrylic playing pieces. The project just surpassed its goal Kickstarter, and with plans to go into production this April, we are hoping to see this hit the scene during the holiday season. [Via]

Space Invaders Chess Set (2)

Space Invaders Chess Set (1)

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