MYO Gesture Controlling Armband

MYO Gesture Controlling Armband

The innovative design team at Thalmic Labs will easily be a contender for product of the year if their newly introduced MYO works as flawlessly as it depicts in their video presentation.

The MYO is one of those things that as much as you hope and dream that it will work as shown, it’s simply just hard to imagine that something this incredible could be upon. Working off of the electrical activity produced by your muscular system, the MYO allows you to control any electrical device simply by performing hand and arm gestures. The device is said to be compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The craziest part of it all? The MYO is expected to start hitting the retail scene for the holiday 2013 season. You have to see this thing in action to fully understand the potential, so check out the video below. [Via]

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