Limited Edition Spacecraft Watch by Romain Jerome

Limited Edition Spacecraft Watch by Romain Jerome

Watchmaker Romain Jerome has consistently amazed with us his beautiful timepieces, and the Spacecraft Watch shows that he’s still got it.

In the past few years Romain Jerome has brought us some amazing watches including the Titanic, DeLorean DNA, and of course the fan favorite Pac-Man timepiece. This time around Jerome has enlisted the help of Manuel Emch, Eric Giroud and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht in a collaboration project that is truly out of this world. The Spacecraft Watch is another luxury timepiece equipped with self winding movement created in Jean-Marc Wiederracht’s Geneva based manufacturing facility. As far as aesthetics are concerned, this one is truly unique featuring a PVC coated “spacecraft” inspired titanium case paired with horological complexity. Wiederrecht explains the watch below.

“The movement features a kind of spring-driven carriage that drives the hour display visible on the side of the watch by means of a red-lacquered cursor moving beneath the metallised sapphire crystal every 60 minutes. The dragging minutes, appearing on a black disc, are read off on the top of the case that also features beadblasted titanium plates.”

Of course with any Romain Jerome crafted watch, expect this thing to be extremely limited. In fact there will only be only 99 pieces available in total, and while we don’t know an exact price tag, we would guess it will be north of $10,000.

Limited Edition Spacecraft Watch by Romain Jerome

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