Google Glass Augmented Reality Glasses Project

Google Glass: Augmented Reality Glasses Project

Although many people were excited when Google first introduced their Glass project during 2012, it was quickly written off by many as nothing more than a pipe dream. Well if there’s one thing we have learned from Google, it’s to never count them out.

The tech giant is officially taking their ambitious project to the next phase, and they’re looking for your help to do it. Up until this point, Google’s Glass had only been worn by a select few Googlers, developers and of course Sergey Brin himself. Now they are looking to give a few lucky “Explorers” the chance to experience the first glasses being produced. For those of you not familiar with the product, these things are absolutely amazing. The glasses allow complete smartphone capabilities through built-in voice recognition including hands-free photo and video capture on the go.

Google will be accepting applicants for their augmented reality glasses up until February 27th and require that participants fill out a questionnaire, be passionate about the project, and put up $1,500 USD to be the first to test these. Simply head on over to Google’s online form to apply.

Google Glass Augmented Reality Glasses Project

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