1945 Bugatti Veyron by RC82 Workchop

Bugatti Veyron 1945 Inspired by Classic Volkswagen Beetle

Back in 1998, French car manufacturer Bugatti was sold to the team at Volkswagen Group, and that’s exactly where this beautifully rendered Bugatti Veyron 1945┬átakes its inspiration from, the classic Volkswagen Beetle.

The Bugatti Veyron supercar is one of the most sought after cars on the automotive scene. The classic Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most beloved. So what do you get when you fuse the two together? Polish designer RC82 Workchop decided to offer their interpretation in the Bugatti Veyron 1945. The design takes obvious cues from the VW classic in areas like the deep dish steel wheels and round bug eyed headlights. The body lines and shape however remain true to that of the supercar counterpart. Certainly a solid concept that would love to see become a reality. [Via]

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