All Terrain DTV Shredder

After hitting the scene a few years back, the all terrain DTV Shredder is finally hitting the retail market, and this thing could be quite popular for the ucpoming holiday season towards the latter half of the year.

The DTV, which stands for dual tracked vehicle, ¬†gives riders the ability to “shred” through rugged terrain like mud and snow thanks to its 196cc, 4 stroke, 13HP engine. Think of it like a badass version of the Segway, with the ability to hit speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour on virtually any terrain. The DTV Shredder’s control system operates much like that of a skateboard, with the user leaning from side to side to turn, and using the hand mounted brake lever to slow things down a bit. See this thing in action in the video below. [Purchase]

All Terrain DTV Shredder 1

All Terrain DTV Shredder 2

All Terrain DTV Shredder 3

All Terrain DTV Shredder 4

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