The Damned Bullet-Proof Gentlemens Pocket Square

The Damned: Bullet-Proof Gentlemen’s Pocket Square

Pocket squares are the perfect way to finish off any suit, and if you are feeling a bit like James Bond you may want to opt for The Damned Bullet-Proof Gentlemen’s Pocket Square.

Just as the name of the accessory would suggest, the pocket square is constructed from a military grade ballistic strength Aramid Fibre that was designed specifically to protect the hearts of men. The pocket squares come in a vibrant lemon yellow color, and were originally introduced to the market back in 2007 in an extremely limited number; 10 to be exact. Now The Damned is back for business, and in much more quantity. For $134, the270mm by 270mm bulletproof pocket square will help stop a bullet shot at your chest the next time you embark upon a top secret mission. Although it will prevent the bullet from penetrating, it is worth nothing that you still will be hurt, potentially bruising and/or breaking bones, and the company will take no responsibility for those of you are that are brave (dumb) enough to test the product out. You can purchase yours from Srulu Recht.

The Damned Bullet-Proof Gentlemens Pocket Square

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