SmartScan Biometric Fingerprint Scan Deadbolt

SmartScan Biometric Fingerprint Scan Deadbolt

Keyless entry is certainly the future. With many applications allowing you to enter your home with the use of your smartphone, and fingerprint access like we see here, it’s only a matter of time before keys are no longer used to gain access into our homes.

The SmatScan Biometric Deadbolt was designed by the team at Kwikset, and although it isn’t the first fingerprint activated deadbolt, they claim to be the first offering that is designed to match your home decor. The unit is finished in a hand rubbed Venetian bronze, and allows you to simply swipe your finger to gain access to your home. The device uses subdermal fingerprint technology, enrolls up to 50 unique prints, can be “re-keyed” in 3 simple steps, and requires nothing more than a screwdriver to install.

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