Sandy Beach Home Office (3)

Sandy Beach Home Office

Working from home is a dream for many. In fact the only thing better than working from your home is the ability to work from the beach, paradise if you will. Well the ‘Surfing With The Sand Between My Toes’ workspace allows both of those options fused into one.

Artist Justin Kemp offered up a way for you to work directly from your home office, while still enjoying the feeling of being at the beach, with your toes between the sand all day. ” The sand is relaxing, but for me, it’s more a symbol of my permanent vacation. It’s the design of a lifestyle where work becomes so satisfying that vacation and retirement become undesirable. It’s a permanent state of chill,” Justin explained about the home office setup. Essentially a massive wooden sandbox located under your workspace, this would definitely leave a mess throughout your home. [Via]

Sandy Beach Home Office (2)

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