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Overade Foldable Bicycle HelmetIt looks like the Carrera Foldable Helmet has some competition with the latest innovation from the design team at Agency 360 in their Overade Foldable Bike Helmet.

Although they operate off the same idea, the technology behind each of the helmets is completely different. The newly introduced Overade helmet is designed into 3 portions, allowing the user to fold at each of the 3 areas compacting the overall size of the helmet. When completely compact, the helmet literally fits in the palm of your hand, which makes it easy to transport in your backpack, messenger bag, or even purse for the ladies. The French design studio at Agency 360 is currently looking for funding on the helmet, and looking to get the product into the hands of users sometime during the first half of the year. You can support the project here. [Via]

Overade Foldable Bicycle Helmet (4)

Overade Foldable Bicycle Helmet (3)

Overade Foldable Bicycle Helmet (2)

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