Lehmann Autonomous Aerial Drone for GoPro Cameras

Lehmann Autonomous Aerial Drone for GoPro Cameras

GoPro has revolutionized the camera market with the introduction of their GoPro action cameras, and accessory makers have jumped on board in helping to keep the momentum moving for the company with awesome gadgets like thisĀ Lehmann LA100 Autonomous Aerial Drone for GoPro Cameras.

This is the world’s first ever aircraft designed for anyone, meaning absolutely no training or piloting background required. This fully autonomous UAV drone is super simple to use, and works with both the GoPro Hero 2 or GoPro Hero 3. Simply connect the battery, launch it into the sky, and the LA100 will do the rest. It will fly around for 5 minutes on auto pilot before returning right back to you with some incredible aerial footage. The foam and carbon fiber constructed flying device can be picked up directly from the Lehmann website. See it in action below.

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