KudoKtopus Kraken Watch by Stefan Kudoke


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KudoKtopus Kraken WatchWatches come in all shapes and sizes, and can gain their inspiration from the most unlikely sources. Take this KudoKtopus Kraken Watch, which was inspired by the legendary sea monster itself, the Kraken.

This beautifully crafted timepiece was designed by Stefan Kudoke, and features the giant squid like beast intertwined throughout the watch’s construction. The watch features mechanical movement that required manual winding, is built from stainless steel equipped with a sapphire crystal on the top and back, blue Breguet steel hands, an d a stunning Louisiana alligator or calf leather band to finish things off. You are looking to add this timepiece to your collection, expect to spend just under $10,000 for the watch. [Via]

KudoKtopus Kraken Watch

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