HipKey iPhone Proximity Sensor

Sure iPhones can make telephone calls and surf the web, but they are becoming capable of so much more with each and every passing day. The HipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm was created to help keep track of all life’s valuables, iPhone included.

HipKey is designed to help keep tabs on all your valuables including your car keys, wallet, even little children can be tracked with this little proximity sensor. Simply attach the HipKey to the valuable in question, set up using the free iPhone or iPad app, and the alarm will sound off when your valuable has drifted too far away. Well what if I lose the HipKey? That’s the best part, because this thing is actually a 2 way tracking alarm, allowing you to find your HipKey with the iPhone, and of course find your iPhone with your HipKey.

Pick up your HipKey directly from the Apple Online Store.

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