Floppy Disk Coffee Table (3)

Floppy Disk Coffee Table

Floppy disks may be nothing more than an old piece of gadgetry from the past, but we all know just how cool retro pieces have become in recent years, and this Floppy Disk Table shows just what we are talking about.

Although we’d be hard pressed to find anything cooler than the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table, this floppy disk option is certainly a great piece for any bachelor pad, or kid’s room for the family man. The table itself was built by Axel van Exel and Marian Newlant of Newland van Exel. It’s modeled to look just like a massive floppy disk, right down to the sliding medal disk cover which reveals a nifty storage compartment suitable for holding remotes to all of your devices. The table is built to last, and has been constructed from hot-rolled steel rather than your traditional plastic floppy disk.  Check out some of the photos below. [Via]

Floppy Disk Coffee Table (2)

Floppy Disk Coffee Table (1)

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