Bullet Cufflinks (3)

Bullet Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the perfect way to add a bit of character and personality to your business attire, and nothing portrays true masculinity quite like this set of Bullet Cufflinks.

While these are not actually “bullets” per say, but rather genuine fired bullet casings, each of which was crafted by hand. The cufflinks are designed and created by Michael ‘Artie’ Keinard, who gets his inspiration for all of his items from a Steampunk, industrial style. ¬†Each of the upcycled cufflinks were cleaned, cut de burred and polished, which means they are 100 percent safe for wearing. You can purchase your set through his online store Artifacts N Relics.

Bullet Cufflinks (2)

Bullet Cufflinks (1)

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