2014 Lexus IS (7)

2014 Lexus IS

It looks like after all of the buzz rumors, the recently unveiled LF-CC Coupe is in fact the 2014 Lexus IS as many had previously suspected.

The Japanese auto maker has officially pulled the curtain on the highly anticipated 2014 Lexus IS, and this thing does not disappoint. The vehicle will be officially unveiled at next week’s Detroit auto show, but Lexus was kind enough to let fans of the brand get a detailed look before they officially debut the model. We will have to wait for the performance specifications, but expect the IS to be available in a few different V6 models, and of course a much requested hybrid version as well.

2014 Lexus IS (6)

2014 Lexus IS (5)

2014 Lexus IS (4)

2014 Lexus IS (3)

2014 Lexus IS (2)

2014 Lexus IS (1)

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