Lap Tuk Pro MacBook Shelf (3)

LapTuk Pro MacBook Shelf

We believe that an organized workspace leads to a much more productive work environment, and thus resulting in better work results. This is the exact reason we love organization products like the LapTuk Pro MacBook Shelf.

The LapTuk is an ultra sleek shelving system that allows you to store your MacBook right below your monitor, while even leaving a space for your keyboard to fit snug underneath it all. The two compartments are large enough for MacBooks up to 17 inches, a standard size keyboard, and a monitor weighing up to 35 pounds. There are even four USB 2.0 ports to plug your gadgets right into the shelf.

You can purchase yours today from Amazon.

Lap Tuk Pro MacBook Shelf (2)

Lap Tuk Pro MacBook Shelf (1)

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