Self Serve Doggie Water Fountain


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Self Serve Doggie Water FountainSeeing that dog is man’s best friend, it’s only right that we do our best to keep our best friend equipped with all the latest gear and gadgets for pets.

The latest piece of doggy gear to cross our desks is the API Doggie Fountain F-1. This awesome little device allows your pooch pal to have fresh water on tap any time, day or night, and most importantly without you ever being around. All Fido has to do is step on the huge paw pad and out comes the water in a fully adjustable vertical stream. To ensure that you can still perform your homely duties, the Doggie Fountain hooks up to Y-splitter shutoff valve at the spigot so you guys can share.

Get your furry friend the Doggie Fountain this holiday season from Amazon.

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