Bicycle Tire Spikes (4)

Bicycle Tire Spikes

Snow chains are a common device that drivers fit to their wheels providing better traction when driving through either snow and ice, but what about those of us that use our bicycles to get from point A to point B?

Although we don’t recommend riding in a full on blizzard, it can be very difficult to maneuver a bike through snowy or icy floors. Dutch designer Cesar Van Rongen has decided to tackle this problem head on with a set of Bike Spikes. Operating just like snow chains for your car, the bike spikes are made up of six flexible parts that piece together with a metal wire ensuring that the bike spikes fit snug onto the tire.  The best part is that these things can be installed and remove in a jiffy.  Check out the video below. [Via]

Bicycle Tire Spikes (3)

Bicycle Tire Spikes (2)

Bicycle Tire Spikes (1)

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