Bicycle Taxidermy (4)

Bicycle Taxidermy

We’ve all lost our 2 wheeled companions in different ways, and sometime we just decided it was the right time to upgrade to a new or better model bike, but thanks to Bicycle Taxidermy you can always remember your departed bicycle every time you step into the man cave.

Offered in your choice of either scorched or bleached European oak plaque sealed with natural beeswax backing, Bicycle Taxidermy allows you to put your own handle bars on display for the world to see. The service creates a lifelong memorabilia of your old bicycle, but also offers the same service to people just looking for bike handle taxidermy artwork. Although we think it’s a bit more personal touch to commemorate ¬†your fallen soldier, the choice is yours. [Via]

Bicycle Taxidermy (3)

Bicycle Taxidermy (2)

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